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Catholic Missions In Canada exists to keep the Catholic Faith in remote and poor mission communities across Canada.

Catholic Missions In Canada seeks to sustain and extend the Catholic Faith in isolated, poor and hard-to-reach mission areas in Canada. These are communities where diocesan resources are insufficient to keep the Church alive. Catholic Missions promotes national awareness on the needs of our Canadian missions and raises funds to sustain the work of evangelization.

With your help, we hope to allocate more than $4 million each year to assist in the day-to-day upkeep and urgent needs of our missions: from heating and electricity to building and repairs, and to support the sustenance and travel needs of missionaries, the education of seminarians, First Nations ministries, and catechism and lay formation programs.



Who We Are

Not all missions are foreign missions. It may surprise many Canadian Catholics, but they don’t have to look far: some of the poorest and neediest missions served by the Church can be found here in Canada.

These are mainly poor and scattered communities in the Canadian North, isolated from their neighbors because of geography and the extreme cold of the long winter season. These are missions located in the hinterlands which cannot be reached except by plane or by log truck. These are mission churches still heated by old wood-fuelled stoves. These are missions without running water and the amenities of life. These are missions where families constantly struggle to cover the basics such as food and shelter and clothing because opportunities for work and jobs are scarce.

Sometimes missionaries have to travel more than 100 kilometers each way to celebrate the Eucharist or to preside at a funeral service. Most often, there are too few missionaries available to bring the Good News of the Lord to the small mission communities.


What we fund

Catholic Missions In Canada supports more than 600 missionaries, as they selflessly serve in isolated home mission communities across 26 Canadian mission dioceses.