What We Do

We are pledged to assist 25 Canada Mission Dioceses in the following five critical areas of mission ministry need:

Support for Missionaries

Priests, religious sisters and brothers and lay missionaries live and work in poor mission communities across Canada. Your support helps put food on their table, heat in their trailers and fuel in their trucks.

Building Repairs

Many of our Canadian mission churches and rectories are aging and in dire need of replacement, repair and maintenance.

First Nations Ministry

Many of our missionaries serve in hard-to-reach and isolated First Nations communities in the far North. Their ministry allows First Nations peoples to celebrate their Catholic faith within the richness of their own cultural traditions.

Religious Education

Children, youth and adults in remote mission territories can prepare for the sacraments and grow in their faith.

Lay Pastoral Leadership Program

Lay youth and adults are trained as pastoral leaders to lead their community of faith in the absence of a priest.

Education of Seminarians

Funding the education of 39 seminarians this year will help ensure the blessings of our faith in 12 mission dioceses.