3 Calendar Programs to support Catholic Mission in Canada in 2018

3 Calendar Programs to support Catholic Mission in Canada in 2018

Catholic Calendar Sales Program

A wonderful gift for family and friends at Christmas: $15.00

In 2018, our Calendar Sales Program features artwork by master sculptor,
Timothy P. Schmalz, and is entitled, Precious in His Sight. Schmalz says, ” I am devoted to creating artwork that glorifies Christ.”

Free Calendar Program

Take part in our Free Calendar Program and receive up to 25 calendars to sell as a fundraiser. Last year, Catholic organizations – Catholic Women’s League, Knights of Columbus and Parishes – took advantage of the program, distributing 4,827 claendars across Canada. We were blessed by many donating the funds to support CMIC!

To order our Catholic Sales Calendar or take part in our Free Calendar Program
call CMIC at 416-934-3424 or 1-866-937-2642 or email us at  calendar@cmic.info

Imprinted Parish Calendar Program

In 2018, pastors can take part in our Imprinted Parish Calendar Program, replete with sacred artwork of the Church, and important parish information imprinted for parishioners.

All Calendars feature a 13-month format (December 2017 – December 2018) with a calendar date pad complete with saint days, liturgical feasts, and daily Gospel readings for use by both Roman and Ukrainian Catholics.

For each calendar sold, CMIC will receive 45 cents to support our missionaries and the people the serve.

To order our Imprinted Parish Calendar call Teldon at 1-222-983-5366 (English)
or 1-877-682-5483 (French)