Tea Light Service

Tea Light Service

By Sr. Fay Trombley, S.C.I.C.

Everyone knows what we like about the Food Bank and Thrift Store. BUT what do we like about Tuk Church? This is how people after Sunday brunch responded:

“We like 11 a.m. service. We are all together even if we don’t have a priest.”

“We like the way Dorothy and Jean pray for Tuk people when we start.”

“Sister gives the homily. We have communion.”

“Parents sometimes haven’t been taught because religion quit in our schools.”

“We have brunch together.”

“Baptism is about a relationship for each person with God.”

So where are we called to grow? On the First Sunday of Advent, we started a 2 p.m. Bible Circle. It is a special time for both adults and children. We all sit in the sanctuary around a ‘Jesus’ Candle,’ and everyone gets a little holder with a tea light.

We remember that Jesus is ‘The Light of the World’ and we remember that Jesus lives in our hearts. We make prayers to Jesus out loud or in our hearts—and then we place our candle near the Jesus Candle. Now it is time for a Bible Story, read by some good reader. We listen, ask questions, share, pray. Someone else reads it a second time. Maybe we say more.

The last thing we do is put a monstrance with a small host in it, on the altar. Everyone is silent. Slowly we each find our candle and place it now around Jesus on the altar. We have five minutes of silence for prayer in our hearts. Then we are blessed by Jesus in the monstrance, and Dorothy rings the little bell. Carefully we put out the candles and go over to Sister’s House for a snack and play “dress up” about the Bible Story we just heard. What an excellent way to get ready for a Baptism or a First Communion or just to learn about the Bible!

Sr. Fay Trombley has been the pastoral leader at Our Lady of Grace mission in Tuktoyaktuk in the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith, NWT.