Christmas In Tuktoyaktuk

Christmas In Tuktoyaktuk

By Father David Reilander

The coast of the Arctic Ocean in Tuktoyaktuk, North West Territories. The sun won’t rise above the horizon for two more weeks and the ice is 6 feet thick.

I visited Sr. Fay Trombley and the Inuvialuit to offer Mass on Christmas when it was -51C Celsius. Lucy Valle, whom you see on our cover, was Baptized and her parents’ glow warmed the church.

After Mass, some of us gathered Sr. Fay’s place for baked beans and homemade bread. Going around the table are Dorothy & Danny Loreen (front left), Charles Gruben, Lemette Panoktalak, Noella & Lucy Cockney, Millie Gruben (white hair), and Jean Gruben. I can’t remember who is between Danny and Charles, but all had a good time.

Christmas is just not the same without the presence of a joyous kid. The box from CMIC arrived, and she found herself a gift.