Our Lady of Loretto Parish

Thunder Bay, Ontario Dear Father Reilander, On behalf of Our Lady of Loretto Parish, I would like to express my thanks to you and Catholic Missions for your generous donation of $16,785.00 towards maintenance works in the parish. It was with gratitude that I read the letter Bishop Fred Colli sent to the parish. To […]

Mass Intention Cards

Is it just me, or has the length of time our newly deceased are laid out for a viewing been drastically reduced over the past 10 years and especially since COVID?  I’m not sure what all the customs are throughout our fair land, but where I come from (Toronto) and for people of Italian descent […]

Congratulations Biagio!

From an article by Tony Brock in the Toronto Star Once again, CMIC congratulates its culinary advisor for the Tastes of Heaven Gala, Biagio Vinci,  for being honoured with the Order of Ontario.  CMIC’s President played a small role in this by writing a letter of recommendation. “He’s such a wonderful person,” said Reilander. “I […]

Who, Me? A Missionary Disciple?

Some years ago, while searching for a textbook on the New Testament, I came across several that began by outlining the problems associated with studying Christian scriptures.  Problems weren’t my favorite way of introducing the gospels to a class of teachers.  However, I also discovered textbooks that offered a variety of perspectives on Jesus’ mission.  […]

The Power of Simplicity

Cardinal Sarah writes: New funeral customs display a false joy and an adulterous form of bereavement that are unwilling to let silence do the speaking. (The Power of Silence, Sarah, Ignatius, 2017). Reading his words reminded me of the final funeral and burial at Moberly Lake Cemetery, BC that I attended in early summer, 1995. […]

One Step Forward

Lao Tzu has written that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” It’s also been said that life is an exciting journey.  However, it appears that the things we desire rarely come to us on a silver platter.  We are required to work toward acquiring these things and we begin by taking […]

New Development Initiative

Speaking with Joe Gennaro, our Stewardship Officer, I asked him what we could do to develop new strategies to increase awareness of CMIC across the country. We’ve been thinking about this for some time and focusing on new audiences. Joe said that maybe we should ask our current donors to help us get the word […]

Lenten Recollections

Awareness is the foundation of fundraising – people don’t give if we’re not front of mind. With the slow recovery of the market and high cost of living, donors might have more important concerns needing their attention. Now that COVID restrictions are gone, we’ve been getting back to the Campaign we left 4 years ago. […]