St. Philip Neri Mass

To read the story of St. Philip Neri’s life was a bit of an eye-opener for me.  Considered one of the great saints of our Catholic church, did you know that: You can read more about him on, or any one of several other informative websites. Did you also know that St. Philip […]

Jesuit in James Bay

It was far from the ivy-clad office on Queen’s Park and our community house in the leafy neighbourhood near the University of Toronto, but in early April, 2023 I travelled to the frozen landscapes of northern Ontario to spend 2 months of priestly ministry there. The reason for this assignment was due to St. Ignatius […]

Who, Me? A Missionary Disciple?

“Don’t be so bossy! Do you think you’re God?”; “What did I do to deserve this?”; “God will provide.” Whether we realize it or not, these and other spontaneous expressions are forms of missionary activity. Conveying hints of our fundamental intuition of God, they give a religious message. These intuitions beyond feelings, sense or thought […]

New Episcopal Ordinations in Mission Eparchies

Within the group of mission bishops who are stakeholders of CMIC are 2 eparchs for the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchies of Saskatoon and New Westminster. I’ve visited both. Most recently, I taught in Saskatoon for the Eparchial Faith Formation Program. CMIC welcomes and congratulates them on becoming Vicars of Christ. With the joy of ordination and […]

Frozen Puck

CMIC paid for my seminary formation, since I could not work in Canada as a US citizen at the time. I was part of Bishop O’Grady’s Frontier Apostolate (1977-1980), a seminarian (1980-1988), and have been ordained for 35 years.. My estate will be left to CMIC, paying back four-fold my seminary education. Once, while driving […]

Seminarian’s Report

I was a seminarian in the Diocese of McKenzie-Fort Smith, NWT. As requested by Bishop Jon, I’ve written a report about my Pastoral Internship Year. Thanks for your support. I began in September, 2022 at St. Michael’s Parish in Behchoko, NWT. I was stationed at the rectory with my supervisor Fr. Mick Fleming. We organized […]

Lenten Renewal

Pope Francis invited the Roman Curia to dedicate the first week of Lent to private, personal prayer. He asked them to join him in suspending their “work activities and engaging in prayer.” I don’t know what happened to parish Lenten retreats. As I child, I remember our church being full every Lent. There was a […]