New Development Initiative

Speaking with Joe Gennaro, our Stewardship Officer, I asked him what we could do to develop new strategies to increase awareness of CMIC across the country. We’ve been thinking about this for some time and focusing on new audiences. Joe said that maybe we should ask our current donors to help us get the word out to those who don’t know about CMIC. That provided a new perspective for me, and I got to thinking about our St. Philip Neri Mass and lunch in the spring, when we bring donors and legacy members together. Why not do smaller versions of this across the country?

We thought that perhaps we could draw up lists of donors in and around the larger Canadian cities and invite them to lunch to update them on CMIC. It was suggested that we do a pilot project in one city. We came up with the idea of Edmonton, where there are both the Roman Catholic Archdiocese and the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy. We got in touch with Eparch David Motiuk, who was once on the CMIC Board of Governors. Eparch Motiuk generously offered us use of the hall at St. Josaphat’s Cathedral, whose kitchen crew, led by Lorry Boyarski, would prepare a hot lunch for the gathering.

The next phase in planning was to collect major constituents living in the greater Edmonton area from our donor database. Joe and I called about 20 people and 16 responded yes to the invitation. We put a presentation together and booked flights. The presentation was an update on where CMIC stands financially and a projection of mission needs that will be budgeted this summer for 2025. A key part of the presentation was a request to help increase awareness of our missions. Joe asked the donors if they would consider acting as CMIC ambassadors and passed around information packages to hand out to people whom our donors think might be interested in CMIC. This generated a discussion around what the attendees were already doing by sharing our magazine and speaking about CMIC with others. We thought that was a good way to get the word out.

It came together fast and we were on our way. It was a flight to Edmonton, car rental, drive to the Cathedral, setup, meet and greet, eat (the home-made pierogies were outstanding!), present and field questions, tear down, load the car, drive to the airport and fly back home all on the same day. We happily came away with the promise of support, both monetarily and by their work as ambassadors for CMIC. It is our hope that we can continue these mini mission trips in the future.