I Will Never Forget You

Our Lady of Tenderness painted by Ria Kinghorn
Editor's Note

Daily Bread

Stephanie Reilander

Borrowing from Sr. Fay’s article herein, the theme for this issue is Daily Bread, or following Christ through social and spiritual action and leadership. Our current articles feature missionaries and lay organizations endeavouring to share various forms of Daily Bread with others as a way of life. One of the many ways in which you, our readers, can help CMIC to support the distribution of Daily Bread is by spreading the word about us and our work. It’s a big country and, as has been noted in previous articles, we only have a small staff devoted to outreach. So please, if you can, tell your family members, parishioners, association colleagues and friends about CMIC and the work that we do. You can do this by word of mouth or by sharing our publications. If you need some talking points or additional materials, please contact the CMIC office and we’ll be delighted to assist.