Come Follow Me

Fishing Hut in Conche, Newfoundland
Editor's Note


Stephanie Reilander

In this issue we feature retrospective articles about 3 religious who have devoted their long careers to the missions and to facilitating healing among those damaged by the very real effects of colonialism. Key to this seems to be a willingness to diminish oneself and to listen, learn, empower, and respect the culture and spirituality of others. One of these individuals is Sr. Margaret Sadler, this year’s recipient of CMIC’s St. Philip Neri award. There will be more about her in a future issue featuring April’s Tastes of Heaven Gala.

The other articles remind us that dedication to home missions isn’t the purview of remote missionaries alone. We need religious and lay people to replace those who are retiring, as well as loyal CMIC staff, donors and supporters.

The Most Reverend Francis Leo, Toronto’s new Archbishop, replaces Thomas Cardinal Collins at the helm of CMIC’s Board of Governors. We offer him a warm welcome and wish Cardinal Collins a long and happy retirement.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.