Bishop Hector Vila walking on his property near Whitehorse by Rev. David Reilander

Editor’s Note

Something Different

Stephanie Reilander

This issue features an article about an Edmonton parish. We’re stepping outside our normal realm of Canadian missions because it fits with the other articles on Indigenous issues. Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples has been designated a National church for all Indigenous Canadians. Anyone who has this heritage is considered to be a parishioner and it was one of the sites chosen for the Pope’s visit.

It also shows a concrete example of what Fr. David has been explaining in his retrospective series on the Meaning of Mission. In Ad Gentes, we are called “to engage in the process of faith in the Trinity through invitation and witness in the language and culture of the local people.”

The rebuilding of Sacred Heart after a fire provided an opportunity for Indigenous (and other) parishioners to participate in a collaborative process that showcased their talents, leadership and culture. Please read about it in Sr. Teresita’s article.