Daily Bread – Reflections on Twenty Years as a Missionary

My days are full, Lord, sharing Daily Bread. So, what ‘bread’ do you ask me to share, Lord, here on the shores of the Arctic Ocean? The church likes to call Daily Bread the Works of Mercy: Feed, Visit, Welcome the Stranger, Bury the Dead. Or Daily Bread, might be the more spiritual gifts of giving instruction, guidance, […]

Guides for the Community: The Four Prophets

The birthplace of ice hockey is said to be near a settlement on the western shore of Great Bear Lake, accessible only by winter road. The game helped 50 men survive a brutal winter at this outpost of Sir John Franklin’s Arctic Expedition.  In biblical terms, could it be claimed that whoever dropped the puck – […]

Restarting CMIC’s Awareness Campaign

CMIC’s Awareness Campaign is one of three major campaigns in our strategic plan, along with Fundraising and Education. Awareness is exactly that – letting people know we exist, who we are and what we do. The pandemic interrupted this for the last two years. A tremendous amount of momentum had been built prior to the […]

Living in a Digital World

silhouette photo of person holding smartphone

The mass of digital technology has been recognized as a dehumanizing factor in modern society. Being on the verge of artificial intelligence, we stand on the edge of a wedge whose downslope is the loss of the most humanizing element – the soul. Our soul is what makes us God-like since we are “made in the […]