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Our new Elementary & Secondary School Religious Education Curricula / 5-Day Teaching Modules are intended to help teachers and students explore together Catholic teaching about the Church’s missionary activity, from its history in Canada to its contemporary manifestation in the efforts of Catholic missionaries in Canada’s most remote regions. Also covered is the essential work of Catholic Missions In Canada, which allows these ministers of God’s love to provide for the spiritual and material needs of those they serve.

Students will come to know that the Church is missionary by its very nature—it cannot keep the Good News of Jesus Christ to itself. They will have an opportunity to hear the stories of past and contemporary missionaries and to reflect on how these workers in the vineyard of the Lord lived their lives as disciples of Christ.

Students will also develop a greater awareness of the spiritual and material needs of those in the remotest areas of Canada, and will be able to participate in supporting the work of missionaries today. They will have the chance to assemble a list of qualities and skills needed to be an effective missionary, compare these to their own personal qualities and skills, and ponder their own call to spread the Gospel in their daily lives.


New Elementary School Teaching Modules

Available through the links below, containing lesson plans for a one-week period.  We suggest starting the week by showing our 30 minute DVD, Catholic Missions In Canada: Celebrating 100 Years of Mission, followed by Lesson One and the Monday Prayer Service.  For the next four days, additional daily lesson plans and prayer services are available.  Each day will make the children aware of the needs and issues that exist in mission communities across Canada.  Lesson 5 is on the Life of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha who was canonized on October 21, 2012.

New Secondary School Teaching Modules

Available through the links below.  Our grateful thanks go out to the original author, Laura Mackinnon, M.A., a former religious education teacher for the Toronto Catholic School Board and former vice-principal for the Calgary Catholic School Board.  Without Laura’s vision and dedication to writing the original lesson plans, the elementary module may never have seen the light of day.  Dr. Christine Mader, who has prepared this second edition of the elementary module is a Canadian theologian, educator, and consultant, with a doctorate in theology from the University of Toronto.