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How schools can help

Schools can help our youth become signs of hope so that missionary work continues to grow and to spread.

Our missionaries, with their life’s work of service, love and care for the faithful in our poor and remote mission communities, offer models of faith for our young.

Help your students understand their faith and make a positive difference by supporting the work of our missionaries through Catholic Missions In Canada. There are lots of ideas and activities to inspire them to help.

Help students learn about missionaries—how they minister and serve in poor and isolated communities and how they instill values of love and compassion for others—and take action!

Your students can draw spiritual nourishment from stories of faith lived in the harshest conditions in our far-flung missions. You can organize skits or plays to draw attention to the plight of the missionaries and the people they serve.

Invite missionaries to speak in school assemblies or in your classroom so they can share their knowledge and passion with students. Follow up by holding small workshops, presentations, and discussions. Better yet, organize a Mission Club in your school!


Here are other ways your school can help our missions:

1) Spread the Word

  • Use our Teaching Modules to learn about our missions
  • Order copies of our Activity book to spark the faith of children
  • Invite a missionary to talk about their mission journeys
  • Foster mission awareness by holding a Mission Awareness Hour/Day/Week
  • Organize a Mission Club in your school

2) Fundraise

  • Schools may organize fundraisers for the missions.
  • Organize a “Toonie for the Missions” campaign.

Read how Church bonding sparks The Good Samaritan story.

3) Explore and take action  

Encourage your students to explore where missionaries live and serve. It will be a great way for students to discover how people in the North live and well as take action and connect with other young people in these mission areas.

4) Donate

Our dedicated missionaries and our struggling mission communities need your financial as well as spiritual support to keep the Catholic faith alive. Please consider what little sacrifices you can make to help ease the burden of our dedicated missionaries in the field. Send your gift today!  Donate now>> 


A Great Need exists in hundreds of missions right here in Canada…

Areas of Canada that are so remote and the economic situation so fragile that the Catholic Church is struggling to survive.

…and the Great Hope is You!!!

Your Parish Youth Council…Your Class…Your School could…

  • Support / Adopt a missionary / a mission
  • Help to build or repair a mission church
  • Help make sure Catholic children and youth living in remote and struggling parts of Canada are provided with religious education
  • Help support a seminarian from a mission diocese while he studies for the priesthood

Contact Patricia Gyulay for information on how you can raise funds.

St. John Paul II said:
“We are all called to be missionary.”

Be a Mission Partner with us.



Teaching Modules

Religious educators, teachers, and students may use our study guides and Teaching Modules to share the work of our missionaries in the field. Educators from elementary to high school levels can sign up for our free Teaching Modules by emailing info@cmic.info.



E-book: Walk with Us for a While

In the early 1990s, Catholic Missions In Canada financially supported the missionary work of Deacon Bill and Molly Callaghan in the First Nations community of Sandy Lake in Northern Ontario.

In this memoir, Molly Callaghan shares their love of God and their love for the community of Sandy Lakers they served.


Children’s Activity Book

John and Emily visit Catholic missions in Canada, an activity book for children 12 and younger, tells the story of two children as they visit their uncle, a missionary priest in the Northwest Territories. If you’d like to receive 25 free copies of our activity book, simply email patricia@cmic.info, or call, toll-free, at 1-866-YES-CMIC (937-2642).


Catholic Missions In Canada Magazine

Published quarterly, Catholic Missions In Canada Magazine hopes to excite the missionary spirit of Catholics for the Church in the Far North, the Western Prairies, and the Eastern seaboard.