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Donate to Catholic Missions in Canada

With your caring and generosity today, you help bring the Gospel message to remote and impoverished missions across Canada.

You also can be a Faithful Steward with Catholic Missions In Canada by making a monthly gift.


Monthly Giving

Your monthly support makes you a Faithful Steward with Catholic Missions In Canada. Together we work to keep the Catholic faith in impoverished missions across the country. Your friendship and commitment is a blessing to our missionaries and all who live in the mission communities.


Faithful Stewards Monthly Giving Program

Our Faithful Stewards program is a most rewarding way to support our missionaries across Canada and help them lead people to the faith, love and peace of Christ.

As a Faithful Steward, you join a special group of dedicated friends with the combined giving power to provide significant funding to assist our missionaries.

Click here to become a Faithful Steward.

Together, your monthly gifts provide vital assistance with basic living expenses, transportation, church repairs, religious education and urgent needs in our mission communities. Your support helps to keep a Catholic presence among the people living in impoverished, isolated communities in the North.

Here’s how your monthly gift will help with our mission needs.


As a Faithful Steward, you receive these benefits

  • Our award-winning Catholic Missions In Canada Magazine, published quarterly
  • Convenient automatic payment plan
  • Your choice of 3 payment options: credit card, automatic bank withdrawal, or post-dated cheque
  • A consolidated receipt for the total amount of your gift, once a year for income tax purposes
  • Save Catholic Missions In Canada money every month by reducing administrative costs, so that more money can be directed to supporting the needs in our mission communities
  • You can change the amount of your monthly pledge any time by letting us know in writing or by phone


To become a Faithful Steward, if you have questions, or want to change your monthly pledge:

Phone: 416-934-3424
Toll-free: 1-866-937-2642


Our Faithful Stewards write…

I have been participating in the Faithful Steward program for several years, and I am pleased and proud to do so! I feel that we have an obligation to help our Canadian churches which, with our help, are able to have a more effective ministry. Needs are great across this country, and those who can help should feel an obligation to do so. I know exactly where my money is being used, and an automatic deduction monthly payment makes giving simple and efficient.

 – Celine Kear, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I am aware of the great need for missionaries, and actually had the desire to be one. While this has not been possible, this work is still in my thoughts and prayers – although I do missionary work in my daily tasks as a lay Franciscan. I really admire all the awesome work our missionaries do; be assured of my daily prayers!

– Florence Benoit, Vancouver, British Columbia

For several years, I have been supporting the foreign missions, but after reading about our northern Canadian missions, I realized I was missing something very important. That they were in need of financial assistance was pretty obvious!


I felt that it was also my responsibility to help Canadian missionaries in the sacrifices they make and the important work they do. I would encourage all who can, to become a Faithful Steward. You won’t regret it, because God loves a cheerful giver!

– Stella Berry, North Vancouver, British Columbia

 My wife and I support Catholic Missions In Canada’s Faithful Steward program for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s a worthy cause. Second, by reducing the cost of doing business – including spiritual business – we all come out ahead. We hope others become aware of this program, and hope this testimonial furthers that awareness.

– Dr. Michael and Linda Csanadi, Fort Erie, Ontario