Get Involved

Get involved to help the work of evangelization in the vast mission fields of Canada. Join the rich history of Catholic organizations, schools, dioceses, and parishes working tirelessly to spread the joy of the Gospel.

Get involved by hosting a day of prayer in your diocese.

Day of Prayer

As a diocese you can hold a Day of Prayer for Canadian Home Missions. We provide posters, prayer cards, and other resources.


Schools, parishes, and organizations can fundraise for Catholic Missions In Canada. We send any supporting material or arrange for a presentation.

Get involved by holding a fundraiser for Catholic Missions In Canada
Raising awareness with a event for CMIC, one way to get involved.

Raise Awareness

Host an event, school visit, or parish mission to help raise awareness about the history and reality of Canadian home missions.

Mission Trips

We can work with organizations to connect groups with mission dioceses and provide guidance on mission exposure trips to Canadian home missions.

Get involved in a mission trip in Canada