Homily given at Archbishop Currie’s Golden Anniversary of Priesthood

Homily given at Archbishop Currie’s Golden Anniversary of Priesthood

May 11, 2018.  Archbishop Prendergast s.j., Archbishop of Ottawa delivered the Homily at Archbishop Currie’s Golden Anniversary of his Ordination to the Priesthood.

“I Love Being a Priest”
[Texts: Isaiah 40.27–31 (Psalm); Romans 12.3–13: John10.11–18]

I am pleased to celebrate with you the Golden Anniversary of your Archbishop Martin Currie’s ordination to the priesthood. My own good wishes, Your Grace, join those of all present here—the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi, the Holy Father’s representative in Canada, your brother bishops, fellow priests, the religious sisters and members of the lay faithful from the dioceses of St. John’s and Grand Falls, your siblings, their families, your friends from far and near.

Many others who wanted to be here, but could not, join us in spirit. We all offer you sincerest congratulations, the assurance of our affection and support, as well as our prayers for your ministry.

The priesthood is lived in diverse ways by diocesan priests and regular priests. The exercise of priesthood has also been in a continual process of change and renewal in the period following the Second Vatican Council. Still, for all the shifts and movements, the role of priests remains vital to Christian discipleship in our parishes and dioceses.

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