St. Philip Neri Mass

To read the story of St. Philip Neri’s life was a bit of an eye-opener for me.  Considered one of the great saints of our Catholic church, did you know that: You can read more about him on, or any one of several other informative websites. Did you also know that St. Philip […]

A Variety of Giving Options

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Over the past few years, I’ve mentioned several giving options that one could consider for aiding Catholic Missions In Canada.  Here’s a summary of ways in which you might be able to help: Some of these giving options can even be used together.  For example, you could use a Gift of Securities to fund an […]

Our Good Friends at the CWL

Those gals really know how to have a good time! In July of this year, I had an opportunity to join the fine ladies of the Ontario Catholic Women’s League for their provincial convention.  This year’s event was hosted by the CWL of the former Diocese of Alexandria/Cornwall. After 97 years in existence, it was […]

Oh, What A Night!

Finally! After 3 years of not having our Annual Tastes of Heaven Gala, we got the chance to get together again……and what a barn burner it was! Over 300 friends of Catholic Missions In Canada were able to gather and enjoy a 1940’s-themed event with entertainment by the Toronto All-Star Big Band. Biagio Vinci, our […]

Charitable Gift Annuities

In our last edition of the Highlights Newsletter, Mr. Frank Morneau wrote a wonderful article about annuities with CMIC and the possible benefits. It was received so well that we thought it would be a good idea to reprint a ‘Reader’s Digest’ version in this magazine. Currently, interest rates for annuities are quite high and […]

One of the few things going up that is actually good news

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Over the past six months, costs have been rising.  This includes everything from groceries to interest rates to vehicles. Catholic Missions In Canada would like to let you know that Charitable Gift Annuity interest returns (in most examples) have also gone up. It is one of the few things going up that is actual good news. Please […]

We’re Putting You to Work to Spread the Word!

Catholic Missions In Canada is one of the best kept secrets in our land.  Comparatively speaking, very few Canadian Catholics know about CMIC.  They don’t know that we solely support our ‘home’ missions and nothing else.  They don’t know that our work allows us to assist those who serve in small and often isolated communities […]

The Tastes of Heaven Gala

Tastes of Heaven

The Tastes of Heaven Gala has been a CMIC tradition for 22 years and was started by several Catholic business people, including our Honorary Gala Chair, Frank Morneau.  Their vision was to create an event to help CMIC kick-start its annual fund-raising efforts.  It grew successfully until 2019, but in 2020 our world came apart […]