Lenten Renewal

Pope Francis invited the Roman Curia to dedicate the first week of Lent to private, personal prayer. He asked them to join him in suspending their “work activities and engaging in prayer.” I don’t know what happened to parish Lenten retreats. As I child, I remember our church being full every Lent. There was a […]

Gratitude, Not Anger

Since I was last in Labrador, there have been many changes. Bishop Bart replaced Bishop Hunt and Sheshatshiu has a new church with its own priest. Our Lady Queen of Peace in Happy Valley also has a new priest. It doesn’t surprise me that there are changes, as foreign missionary priests usually don’t stay very […]

Let the Children Come to Me

“Let the children come to me,” said Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel. But where are the children? That’s a common question today, not only in our missions, but in big city parishes too. Children represent the future, hope, life energy. In baptism parents play a major role in being the first teachers of faith. If parents […]

New Leadership

With Papal Nuncio Ivan Jurkovic and Montreal Archbishop Christian Lépine of Montreal present along with 60 bishops, his Grace Francis Leo was installed as the new Archbishop of Toronto in the beautifully renovated St. Michael’s Basilica Cathedral. It was by invitation only and I was sitting at the far back of the clergy section. Peter Stockland […]

Living in a Digital World

silhouette photo of person holding smartphone

The mass of digital technology has been recognized as a dehumanizing factor in modern society. Being on the verge of artificial intelligence, we stand on the edge of a wedge whose downslope is the loss of the most humanizing element – the soul. Our soul is what makes us God-like since we are “made in the […]

Some Thoughts on Friendship

One of the periodicals to which I subscribe recently featured the theme of ‘friendship,’ making me think about this in my life. I have friends whom I see only periodically, but when we meet up it’s like carrying on from the last time because we feel so comfortable with each other. We hold each other […]

Whitehorse: Two Priests and a Bishop

Periodically I get inquiries about volunteering for mission work. It’s understandable since we are an organization concerned with evangelization. From a practical point of view, we make people aware of and raise funds for home missions, but we don’t place missionaries. That’s the jurisdiction of bishops. It would be great if there was an agency […]