Frozen Puck

CMIC paid for my seminary formation, since I could not work in Canada as a US citizen at the time. I was part of Bishop O’Grady’s Frontier Apostolate (1977-1980), a seminarian (1980-1988), and have been ordained for 35 years.. My estate will be left to CMIC, paying back four-fold my seminary education. Once, while driving […]

A Seminarian’s Missionary Journey

I am William Mancao, a Filipino from the Missionary Seminary Redemptoris Mater of Vancouver, a fruit of the Neocatechumenal Way. I’ve finished my Philosophy and Theology studies and as part of my seminary formation, I’ve been sent for a year to Whitehorse. I arrived in July. It is a massive diocese that contains the whole […]

Making Good Use of Your Donations

I was back in northern BC, running between 5 churches for 6 weeks beginning in June. Whitehorse is the only northern diocese where one can drive to all 23 missions, with no fly-in communities to worry about. Bishop Hector Vila placed me at St. Ann’s church in Watson Lake, just above the BC border. When […]