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Many ask, ‘When are you building the church?’ The answer always is:  ‘When we have enough money!’

Sister Carmen Catellier
Sister Carmen Catellier

Although Sister Carmen Catellier, S.N.J.M., wrote this letter a year ago, she continues to sound the appeal for funding to build their church.

By Sister Carmen Catellier, S.N.J.M.

My Advent generally starts by writing this annual letter and addressing cards which do take a fair amount of time to get finished.

Sometimes I volunteer to sit at a table at the local North Mart to sell raffle tickets. The proceeds are going to the new church building fund for Holy Cross mission which is called “Our Children’s Parish of Hope.” This fundraising is taking more time in years than many had anticipated. Various activities and donations are needed to build up a huge pile of money to get this project up and off the ground, literally.

Many rummage sales have been held over the course of the years which garner a couple of hundred dollars each time. Last year, a small fishing derby was held. Pledging hours are held on the local TV or radio station.

All of this requires a lot of commitment, time and organization. My wish is that more people would help and have the same enthusiasm which, by the way, has not waned even after strenuous efforts and a few difficulties.

Many ask, “When are you building the church?” The answer always is: “When we have enough money!”

Christmas Eve Mass in the gym
Christmas Eve Mass in the gym

The need for a building is especially felt when we have to set up at the school gym all that is needed for the Christmas Mass and the Easter Triduum.  Just consider setting up the sound system!

And the helping hands are getting weary of doing this year after year. Our small church gets so packed at baptisms, First Communions, weddings and funerals that some people do not even attempt to attend. Next year, I hope and pray our situation will improve.

Sister Carmen Catellier, of the Sisters of the Child Jesus and Mary, is pastoral administrator at Holy Cross mission in Cross Lake, Manitoba, in the Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas.