A Variety of Giving Options

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Over the past few years, I’ve mentioned several giving options that one could consider for aiding Catholic Missions In Canada.  Here’s a summary of ways in which you might be able to help:

  • Collect Air Miles using a CMIC-issued Air Miles number.
  • Purchase an Annuity and receive a favourable interest rate on it for the rest or your life.
  • Start and donate into an Endowment Fund. Funds would be invested in perpetuity and only the interest earned would be distributed as grants to the missions.
  • Include CMIC as a beneficiary in your will as part of your Estate.
  • Become a Faithful Steward and donate electronically at regular intervals.
  • Include CMIC as an authorized charity to benefit from your Foundation.
  • Include CMIC as a beneficiary in your Life Insurance policy or take out a policy naming CMIC as the owner and yourself as the insured.
  • Include CMIC as a beneficiary in your Registered Plans.
  • Make a Gift of Securities and avoid paying Capital Gains Tax.
  • Simply make a Donation of cash or property.

Some of these giving options can even be used together.  For example, you could use a Gift of Securities to fund an Annuity or an Endowment.  Or, you could donate back any interest income from an Annuity and receive a charitable donation tax receipt for it. Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you would like some more information on any of these donation vehicles.

As I write this note, the world is in such upheaval.  I would like to wish you the best of the Advent Season and a most Blessed and Holy Christmas.  May there be peace and abundant blessings for you, your friends and your family wherever in the world they may be.