Who We Are

Catholic Missions In Canada funds the work of missionaries as they proclaim the Word of God across the nation, even in the most remote and in-need areas.

Special Statement on COVID-19 Situation

Coronavirus has caused major changes to our operations and to life in our home missions. Reductions in donations has reduced our grants to missionary sustenance only. We continue to seek funds, though our fundraising activities are curtailed due to social distancing and travel restrictions. We truly appreciate donors who understand the affect the crisis is having on our organization and have not forgotten the needs of our bishops. We also appreciate the affect the pandemic is having on our donors who are continually in our prayers. If you are able, we encourage continual assistance to keep our missionaries in the field.

President Fr. David Reilander

What We Do

We are pledged to assist 25 Canada Mission Dioceses in five critical areas of mission ministry need.

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